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English Introduction

Building ways to connect construction sector communities

We're glad to see you here. Wherever you are, whoever you are, no matter big or small, we are excited to let you know more about us. We want to keep in touch with anyone who is interested in our company Sequallia all around the world. We strive to answer your needs and can't wait to hear your feedback. Now, let's introduce ourselves !

Sequallia in a few words

Sequallia is a French professional B2B network connecting businesses in real estate and construction sectors. To date, nearly 200.000 French companies have a profile on Sequallia.

Companies registered on Sequallia are divided according to a comprehensive structural chart encompassing all the existing jobs in real estate and building realms. Following this chart, every company can be found in a quick research. And each company can be checked against any need on Sequallia.

Sequallia is a collaborative network. In fact, any company's member can directly contribute by filling information about her/his company, providing details about its activities and every project she/he worked/is working on.


Every team member has the power to show her/his company's strengths through her/his contribution on Sequallia.

Here is what you can actually find on Sequallia with a simple research (non-exhaustive list) :

- potential clients

- architects

- designers

- construction managers

- construction supervisors

- construction controllers

- engineering societies (general construction engineering, structural engineering, HVAC engineering, electrical engineering, lighting engineering, ...)

- general contractors

- subcontractors

- technical fitters

- decorators

About the founders

We are Anne Doucerain and Dawid Hillien. We are both building engineers and have extended experience in HVAC construction studies.

We have high expectations for the construction sector for the years and decades to come. We want to make connexions easy and feed curiosity and passion for the construction world. We strongly believe that Sequallia is the tool that the construction sector has ever needed. Today our target is in France. Tomorrow we'll go out abroad.

How to join Sequallia if your company is abroad ?

Even though many companies are already registered on Sequallia, it is still a young network in France. As of yet, you'll not be able to complete your own profile on the portal. However, you can still have access to all the information about all of the companies on Sequallia. The French building sector is a very dynamic one and there are many great projects for you to discover here.


We are a fast growing network and we are striving to give you and every international company the opportunity to maximize their visibility in the next few years, no matter where you are in the world.

We are working hard on it.

Keep in touch, and explore !

Come and explore the dynamic french building network now !